Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning


At Jani Clean we understand hygiene is of the most importance in the food service industry and facilities can be inspected at any time by Health Service officials. A dirty kitchen could close down your business. Your staff may be responsible for general kitchen cleaning but for a more in-depth cleaning, Jani Clean is the solution. Our service complies with ‘HSE’ hygiene standards.

Our cleaning techniques vary depending on the level of grease and grime in your kitchen. For dirtier kitchens it would be necessary to use chemicals in order to remove the grease and grime but Jani Clean counts with the ‘Gre-Lease’ product that is used specifically for kitchens and gets rid of all the grease. This technique will have all your kitchen appliances, countertops, walls, cookers etc. looking spotless and your stainless steel will be polished to a mirror like look.