Day Porter


Our company offers a day porter service. A day porter is responsible for making sure your building looks clean, presentable, and inviting at all times – especially between routine cleaning maintenance activities. They also ensure the building is safe for all occupants if any unexpected incidents arise. Some of the jobs realized by the porter are:

  1. Keep all common areas and parking areas free of debris.
  2. Haul trash to approved dumpsters.
  3. Wipe all trash containers and cigarette ash urn lids and sides, as needed.
  4. Empty trash and replace liners when trash exceeds 25% full.
  5. Remove cigarette butts and debris from sand urn and replenish with sand, as needed.
  6. Wipe all exterior window sills and benches.
  7. Remove minor writing and graffiti using a chemical cleaner.
  8. Remove unauthorized advertising from walls, windows, parking lot light poles, traffic signs, poles and any other property accessories.
  9. Spot clean any spills on sidewalks.
  10. Police dumpster enclosures, place loose trash debris in dumpster.
  11. Arrange chairs and tables