Our Services

We provide cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting and maintenance services for buildings, facilities and corporate businesses for different industries.

Control Area Cleaning

Cleaning a control area is a service not all cleaning companies offer; here at Jani Clean we have been doing it since 1990. Control areas require perfect cleaning and continuous quality inspections. Jani Clean trains it’s employees specifically for these areas of high security an minimal contamination. You can count on us to perform the best job in your most important room. Most common control areas are hospital operating rooms & manufacturer clean rooms.

Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning 

At Jani Clean we understand hygiene is of the most importance in the food service industry and facilities can be inspected at any time by Health Service officials. A dirty kitchen could close down your business. Your staff may be responsible for general kitchen cleaning but for a more in-depth cleaning, Jani Clean is the solution. Our service complies with ‘HSE’ hygiene standards.

Event Cleaning

Usually big events are a cleaning nightmare but not for us. Jani Clean has the necessary equipment, personnel and experience to maintain a facility in optimal condition before, during and after an event. We specifically design a detailed logistics plan that allows the enjoyment of the event while maintaining the facility optimal. The plan involves three key steps the preparation, the execution and the recovery process.

Recycle Program

Jani Clean is a company that fully supports the Go Green movement. Our commitment to recycling extends to our clients. Our service supplies our clients with of recycling boxes or containers that gather cardboard, aluminum and plastic. Then we will pick the gathered items and disposed them to a recycling facility.

Day Porter

Our company offers a day porter service. A day porter is responsible for making sure your building looks clean, presentable, and inviting at all times – especially between routine cleaning maintenance activities. They also ensure the building is safe for all occupants if any unexpected incidents arise.

Restroom Cleaning

Restrooms in any facility are ones of high traffic and they require continuous cleaning. 95% of consumers surveyed said they would avoid an establishment in the future if they found the restroom to be dirty. Restrooms are a breeding ground for numerous infectious germs and bacteria. These germs are spread by the constant use of restroom facilities by customers and employees. A clean, well-maintained restroom promotes health and hygiene and reduces the spread of infection and diseases.

Floor Care Program

A shiny, clean floor always stands out. It makes the rest of the room appear brighter and more professional. In the same way a dull, dirty looking floor can give clients a bad impression, some may not even return. Creating a good first impression is a must. In order to accomplish a good impression a floor care program must be implemented.

Carpet Cleaning

Jani Clean will create a program that fits the needs of your carpet. By following this program the carpet will be clean and will become more durable. The program includes different cleaning methods which are specific to carpet types, sizes and level of dirt. When it comes to carpets,  vacuuming daily is the most important and basic method to maintain the carpet clean . Jani Clean also offers more extended procedures that are needed to maintain a good looking & healthy carpet.

Upholstery Cleaning

Make your customers, visitors and employees feel welcome and valued by having well care for upholstery. Using specially designed products, equipment and methods, the upholstery experts at Jani Clean help restore the beauty of your upholstered furniture. In addition, removing dust and allergens from sofas, chairs, office partitions, fabric panels and other upholstered items can lead to a healthier environment for everyone. We remove the hard-to- see contaminants that exist in upholstery, such as dead skin cells, oils and dust that can only be removed with a thorough professional cleaning.

High Window Cleaning

High windows always seem hard to reach but not to us. Jani Clean offers the cleaning of those hard to reach windows, usually 12 feet or above. Using our equipment we are able to provide our clients with the best window cleaning service.


Our handyman’s are trained with basic knowledge to help our customer with minor situations such as repairs, assemblies, improvements, and minor plumbing* or electrical* issues.

Tree Cutting

Cutting trees involves a much more complex process than just cutting it. Our vast experience in the service allows the process to be fast, safe and efficient. We count with the necessary equipment to cut and shred most trees. Jani Clean’s priority is both the safety or our employees and object or property surrounding the tree.

Power Washing

Power washing is the use of high-powered water spray to remove many unwanted substances. Power washing can be used in walls, roofs, ceilings, parking lots, sidewalks and driveways. Our fully insured / skilled technicians come prepared with the very best professional equipment and products to tackle any of your power and pressure washing needs.

General Cleaning

General cleaning is described as a broad daily cleaning service. The focus in this service is to frequently clean areas that are constantly exposed to contaminants. The broadness of the service allows us to customize it to the specific needs of our clients.

High Dusting

High dusting is the process of cleaning difficult to reach spots, and removing bacteria, dust and dirt build-up. This process is called high dusting because the areas that are being cleaned (air vents, ceilings, pipes, etc.) are usually over 16 feet high.

Post Construction Cleaning

The Post-Construction service is the cleanup of any commercial or residential building after it has been constructed or renovated. The cleanup process takes place in three stages. Depending on the extent of your project, you may only require a specific phase.


The painting division has been part of Jani Clean since its foundation. We focus on providing our clients with a high quality, long-lasting paint job. Jani Clean offers interior and exterior painting to any facility or building. Our equipment allows us to reach serious heights within any structure. Our employees are provided with full safety personal protection equipment (PPE) to perform a accident free job. 

Pest Control

Having pests can be a serious problem for your business facility. Wild animals can getinto your structure and cause serious damage. They can also damage your yard, tear up your plants and dig holes in your lawn. We offer a removal services to get rid of small rodents, raccoons, mongooses, snakes, iguanas, bats, frogs, and more. Termites, moths and cockroaches are also included in our wildlife management services. Jani Clean creates a program that fits your needs and wants.

Grounds and Lawn Maintenance

The grounds and lawn maintenance division is very important to us. It provides the visitors with a beautiful, healthy and clean image of your business. Maintaining a beautiful outdoor environment in your facility is achieved with different tasks. Jani Clean counts with employees that have agronomist knowledge to ensure we bring the most effective and efficient service.