Event Cleaning


Usually big events are a cleaning nightmare but not for us. Jani Clean has the necessary equipment, personnel and experience to maintain a facility in optimal condition before, during and after an event. We specifically design a detailed logistics plan that allows the enjoyment of the event while maintaining the facility optimal. The plan involves three key steps the preparation, the execution and the recovery process.

Preparation: involves the gathering of necessary equipment and personnel prior to the event. It also involves the logistic plan on how, who and when the cleaning services are going to take effect during the event.

Execution: is the actual performing of the service. Some of the tasks performed at sports events are:

  • Continuously stock hand soap and paper
  • Continuously pick up trash from all areas
  • Clean up any unexpected spill or messy accident
  • Remove trash from full trashcans
  • Maintain restrooms clean and disinfected during and after event

Recovery: process is the restoring of the facility to its normal state, like nothing ever happened. Jani Clean experience counts with big events such as:

  • The 2010 Central America and Caribbean Games
  • 2016 Interuniversity Games (LAI).
  • Winter baseball league (‘Indios de Mayaguez’)
  • Festivals